Apple and Cinnamon Porridge Style

May 17, 2016 - Fashion Style

Today i am bringing forth an awesome collection of inspiring apple and cinnamon porridge. But if fashion were easy, wouldn’t everybody look great? i’m making the most of the glut of delicious apples from the garden so here is a quick and easy recipe to vamp up that oh so healthy porridge!
1 cup porridge oats
2 ½ cups water/milk
2 apples diced
1 tsp cinnamon
Sugar to taste (optional)
Add all ingredients to a saucepan and bring to the boil. Flowers blooming in the gardens, colorful ambiance, fresh breeze and a lot of things around in their full renewal seem fabulous. Nothing goes unchanged as everything evolves through transformation. Fashion and trends likewise undergoes a change. Enjoy fashion and follow the latest trends. Take it away! Enjoy!

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