12 Outfit Ideas for The Pantone Colors of the Year Style

June 15, 2016 - Fashion Style

I am pretty excited to bring forth yet another post for all the 12 outfit ideas for the pantone colors of the year. Good fashion is like rock music: all anarchy and revolt. it will be great to have a fashion career during and after my dj career. Every year, the pantone color institute, responsible of helping companies in the respective color-related aspects of their brands and products, lets out a new color of the year that will serve as a symbolic color representation of that year.
For 2016, pantone color institute did something for the first time: they chose two colors of the year. Loop a chain through the clasp of a brooch (as we did, left). Suddenly, it’s a necklace!?Wrap Your chains or lariat around your wrist for a tough luxe bracelet.?Snap Clip-on earrings onto flats for an instant evening shoe. Be charismatic and never let go yourself unnoticed! Have a rejoicing and fashionholic spring ahead. Way to go!

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